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Funeral & End of Life Photography

Funeral Mourners

Funeral photographs serve to preserve important moments that might otherwise be lost in the haze of grief, something that I experienced first hand after the passing of my own father.


It is a great honour to capture the memories and nuances of your loved one’s End of Life ceremony for you to share with future generations.


Farewelling those closest to us is a sensitive time that most struggle to prepare for, let alone recall afterwards the ceremony's proceedings, who was there and what happened.


Capturing life’s final chapter and what follows requires a sincere and honest approach. My experience as both a professional photographer and volunteer for* has afforded me these skills.


Be it the service, a viewing, at the wake or something in between, I capture these moments with the utmost respect for you and your family, offering images of simplicity and grace for you to cherish and remember always.


At Funeral & End of Life Photography by Mel Noonan, we understand each person's grieving journey is unique and offer a personalised service to best meet your needs during this delicate time.


We cater for all denominations, cultures and traditions, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


(*dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births or have children with serious and terminal illnesses)

Premium Memorial Photobook

Get in touch with us to create your bespoke photography experience

We offer the empathy & understanding of personal experience at this difficult time